Book A Court

Court Booking with Clubspark

  1. Sign into your Clubspark account – please be aware that you can log into ClubSpark either directly with Clubspark, an LTA account, Facebook or Gmail. You must sign in using the same account that is used to manage your membership.  ClubSpark allows you to have multiple accounts but only one will be associated with your membership of TroonLTC.
  2. Once you have logged in you will be shown Troon LTC Court Booking sheet.
  3. To book a court, click on your desired booking slot on the booking sheet. Please note you are able to view the booking sheet by court or by date.
  4. You may book a court up to 7 days in advance, although the times of day you can book may be limited by the type of membership you hold.
  5. Select the duration of the booking in the that appears, and click “Book Now”. The maximum duration of a court booking is 1 hour and under current restricted play guidelines courts can be booked 3 times per week per member.
  6. Use the advanced option to add a guest drop down option available for group bookings.
  7. Booking on behalf of a related user (e.g. your child)?  Now you can display the relevant users name throughout the booking journey, rather than the main contact.

Book ‘On the Go’

For common Logging In/User Account issues please refer to ClubSpark’s help section.