Bye Laws

  1. The Club shall be under the exclusive management of the Committee.
  2. Appropriate tennis clothing shall be worn. Appropriate footwear must be worn.
  3. Members who are not playing shall not behave in such a way as to disturb those who are playing and shall not use the Club as a general meeting place. Non-members not intending to play tennis may not frequent the Club.
  4. Booking of courts is always required by all categories of member using the Clubspark/LTA system.
  5. Tennis balls are to be provided by members. The Club will provide balls for matches and tournaments.
  6. Food is not allowed on the courts.
  7. On payment of annual subscription, members will be issued with shoe tags which should be worn at all times.
  8. Any two members of the Committee shall have the power to close the courts whenever they consider unfit for play. The Committee shall have the power to reserve all of any of the courts for matches and tournaments when required, of which due intimation should be given.
  9. The Bowling Club is out of bounds except when retrieving balls from the grounds, when the gate must be used.
  10. Seniors and U25 shall have priority as follows:

Courts 4 and 5, Monday to Friday 10am – 4pm

Courts 1, 2 and 3, Monday to Thursday from 7pm onwards

Courts 1, 2 and 3, Saturday and Sundays between 2 and 5pm

  1. Juniors (U11 with non-member parent and U18 members) shall have priority on all courts week days between 4pm and 6pm and on Saturdays and Sundays until 1pm. Outwith these times, Juniors may book a court only one hour in advance of playing time.
  2. Associates may play up to 4pm Monday to Friday only, and have priority on Courts 1 and 2 between 9am and noon. They are not eligible to be signed in as Visitors outwith these times.
  3. Floodlights must not be used after 10pm.
  4. Bookings for floodlit tennis are limited to one hour. If at the start of playing time, the court is free the hour after the one booked, this can also be booked and tokens inserted.
  5. During the hours of darkness when courts are busy, members may not play using reflected lights of other courts.
  6. Winter and Country members shall be eligible for team selection.
  7. Up to 5 Guests can be introduced by U25 and Senior members only in one year. Winter members may sign on 3 guests in a year. They must be recorded in the club’s guest booking system. No individual can be signed in to TLTC as a guest on more than 5 occasions in a year (1 April to 31 March). The committee reserve the right to authorise taster sessions for prospective new members.
  8. COVID regulations – no gathering or spectating on or off court is permitted at any time. Members are required to vacate the court and premises prior to the end of their booking time to allow the next booking to access the Club and courts safely.
  9. The Committee reserves the right to enforce any of the above and to change the Bye Laws as necessary.