floodlights_lgThe club has just completed a major refurbishment of the floodlights on the front courts and we hope members will enjoy using this greatly improved facility.
Buying Tokens

Floodlight token meter

Floodlight token meter

The floodlights are operated by a token operated timers located in the clubhouse (behind the main door). Tokens last for 30 minutes and cost £10 for 5, or £2.50 each.

Tokens can be purchased:

in the clubhouse from a committee member;

in the clubhouse during the Tuesday and Thursday evening floodlight sessions between 7 and 9pm.

We request that, where possible, members buy at least £10’s worth of tokens at a time. Please ensure that you have sufficient stock of tokens for your coming needs.

Operating the Floodlights

Token Operated Floodlight TimerInsert one or more tokens into the appropriate timer (court 1 to 3). A display on the timer counts down the remaining minutes available.

If you plan to continue to use the lights, it is best not to allow them to go off. If the lights have been on and are allowed to go off, they will not re-ignite until the gas inside the lamps has cooled. Please allow 5 minutes before inserting another token.

It is not permitted to use the floodlights after 10pm and they will automatically go off at 10pm, even if there is still time left on the meter.